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Video clip link to a Spiral Elevator in operation in an agricultural processing plant. An example of Vibration Equipment and Vibratory Elevators available from Curtis Vibrators.

Video clip link to a vibration conveyor system in operation at an argicultural processing plant. An example of Vibration Equipment and Vibratory Elevators available from Curtis Vibrators.  

  Welcome to Curtis Vibrators - Custom Built Vibration Equipment and Vibratory Elevators

Vibration Equipment Specialists - Curtis Vibrators

Welcome to Curtis Vibrators - We are one of the country's leading manufacturers of vibration equipment and vibratory elevators. We can supply a wide range of vibratory equipment including conveyors, compaction tables, feeders and spiral elevators. Also uniquely designed vibratory screens and chromite separators.

Over 35 Years of Dedication
Our engineers and consultants have worked in vibration technologies for more than 35 years; supplying custom built vibratory equipment to the materials handling sector

All our products reflect our combined experience in research, development, design and consulting on vibratory equipment in the United Kingdom.

What we do
Sound theoretical knowledge and extensive field experience of UK industries makes Curtis Vibrators independent from imports.

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of vibratory equipment for the following industries; foundries, food production, rubber and plastics recycling, metal powders, fertiliser, animal feed, quarrying, aggregates etc.

We can provide vibratory units of large capacities, running at a high amplitude, while maintaining low structural stress and high energy efficiency. In addition to this, we can supply vibrator motors at discounted prices together with a wide range of compression springs.



Vibratory equipment is used in the foundry industry in the following ways: Reclamation of foundry sand. Feeding castings into furnaces. Transportation, cooling and cleaning of castings.

Foundry Vibratory Spiral Elevators are used in the reclamation of sand. They provide an efficient and cost effective solution to elevate bulk foundry sand for further refining. They can also provide secondary processes such as cooling the product which it is being elevated.

Food Production

Heavy regulations provide challenges in the food production industries. Vibratory equipment used in these industries provides a hygienic and easy to clean environment which eases stress on equipment operators. Duties in these industries are quite light. The focus is more on efficiency, quality finishes and smooth transitions.

Stainless steel Vibratory Conveyors and Feeder Systems are used to simply transport material. The vibration is a gently movement that can even be used on products like Cornflakes without any damage. Open troughs are hygienic and extremely easy to clean. Lengths of up to 20 meters can be supplied which eliminates the need for constant transition points.

Rubber and Plastics Recycling

Waste products found in recycling plants provide challenges for engineers. The variety between batches can be as large as the difference between entire plants. Experience in a certain application is extremely valuable as it can save significant costs.

Vibratory Screens and Chromite Separators are very common solutions to separate waste products for the Recycling industry. For vibrating screens, a general rule of thumb for the recycling industry is to maintain high strokes. This prevent blinding and pegging of the difficult to screen material.

Mining / Quarry / Mineral Processing

Vibratory equipment is used extensively in the mining industry. Heavy duty machines are generally found on mine sites but light duty applications such as pilot, sample station and proving plants also require gear.

Mineral processing plants and quarries have very specialised uses for vibratory equipment. The variety of different minerals and metals that are processed all have different requirements where vibratory equipment can excel.

Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt

The chemical, fertiliser and salt industries all have need for specialised vibratory equipment. Due to corrosive, abrasive and often hydroscopic materials, stainless steel is widely used as a building material or liner.

Strict quality control puts additional requirements on Vibratory Shakeout Grids and Screens in these industries. Processing plants need the product to be certain sizes in order to not affect the complicated downstream equipment. Screens need to be sized and designed appropriately in order to achieve this.


Timber material generally has a lower bulk density than some of the other industries. It has a high moisture content and can excrete chemicals which makes it a challenging material to design vibratory equipment for. Wood chips also provide soft, sharp edges which can easily get caught in screening media.

If you have any enquiries in regards to our vibration equipment in stainless steel fabrication, or simply wish to get in contact with Curtis Vibrators, fill in our enquiry form on our contact page.

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